Join us on the farm!

You don't have to literally garden on your knees like Jill! There are lots of ways Merry Gardeners can enjoy working on the farm without bear crawling!

Weekly Jobs - We do a variety of activities weekly to keep the vegetables growing their best and the farm  well managed. Starting in March, we are planting seed trays and prepping the high tunnel and greenhouses. May through September we are busy harvesting, weeding, prepping and packaging produce.

Project List - There is always maintenance on the farm along with new projects to improve infrastructure and operations. Some of these include fencing, adding to and maintaining current structures, building new ones, and putting up wood.

If this sounds like fun, we have two options for exchange:

Produce Exchange - Work two hours or more and take home a reuseable bag stuffed with as many vegetables as you can use.

Wage Exchange - We have 10 hours a week available June-August to exchange work for money. Wage is $10/hour. This exchange is on a first-come, first served basis.