Ready This Week

LETTUCES Romaine, Leaf, Mixed Salad



Wholesale Direct

A large variety of organically grown vegetable products are raised at Merry Gardens Farm. We sell direct to restaurants, wholesalers, and other food service entities. Let us grow for you! Choose from our current product list, or talk with us about your goals. We can help produce what it is you need to delight your customers with fresh, organic, local options.


Farm2U Order-to-Go

Local families and individuals can order fresh from the farm each week! With our Farm2U membership, we tell you what's growing and you place your order online. We deliver to locations in the Bemidji area weekly. Check out your farm fresh product options in our Farm2U online store.



Heritage Pork

Two heritage breeds are raised on Merry Gardens Farm: red wattle and mangalitsa. Considered culinary meats favored by chefs across the country, our hogs are pastured from crops on the farm, always non-GMO. Pork is available Oct-Nov and May-June. They may be purchased as a one-half or whole hog, processed by our butcher or yours. Reserve your hog today, they go fast!